Photo Credit: Robin Kasem Queen's University


Stephanie pascal

oua goalie of the year recipient 

"Mike had a big impact on my success during my time at Queen’s. During team practices and goalies sessions, Mike not only provided feedback on the technical details of goaltending but he also gave valuable input on handling the mental aspect of the position. This helped me handle the ups and downs of playing in net and greatly increased my confidence. He created a great balance during training and ensured the sessions remained fun while still providing a ton of feedback and opportunities to learn.

Mike also completed reviews of game video in which he offered lots of positive reinforcement on new techniques we were working on and offered valuable critiques on situations you don’t encounter in practice. I looked forward to receiving the review as he always found a way to make the feedback fun and engaging.

Mike’s knowledge, skillset, commitment and personality make him the perfect choice for goaltenders at any level. I would not have had the success I did at Queen’s without Mike’s help. Thanks Mike!" - Stephanie Pascal


Team practices
  • $100/hr

group sessions

8+ goalies

  • price varies on time & location

exclusive services

vip team access

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private sessions
  • price varies on time & location
semi-private sessions
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group sessions 

4-8 goalies

  • price varies on time & location

game video analysis 

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